Apr 292014
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I was recently diagnosed with the Guillain-Barre virus.  It is an autoimmune disease that attacks the nerves.  It affected all my facial muscles and I could not move my mouth or close my eyes.  I had no facial movement at all.   I was treated with immune gamma globulin in the hospital.  It took five days and they sent me home to wait for progress, which they said would come slowly in its own time. I didn’t realize how slow.   I was stuck inside not being able to drive and my eyes were extremely sensitive to light.  I fell into a depression and went to a psychiatric nurse practitioner to get some medication.  I got very sick and nauseous from the medication.  I decided that feeling depressed was better than feeling sick and depressed.  It was at that time I was referred to Martha DeMarco by a good friend who knew what I was going through.  I spent about an hour and a half with Martha discussing everything about myself.  She explained to me that homeopathy treats the person not the illness; it brings the body back into balance so it can heal.   She came up with a remedy for me that has helped me greatly.  I went from seeing progress every 8-10 days to seeing progress 3 days after I started the remedy and 2 more times during that week.  The progress of this illness is long and tedious so seeing that was huge to me.  Since I have started, I believe my progress has gone along quicker than if I wasn’t taking the remedy.   I would recommend Martha and I firmly believe in the practice of homeopathy.



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Apr 132014

Martha and I “coincidentally” met while walking our dogs in the woods. I believe this encounter was a divine intervention. I was sad and shared with her that my dog had bladder cancer and that her days were numbered. Martha told me about homeopathy and how it helped her own pet. She did a thorough evaluation and found the remedy that quickly improved my dog’s physical and emotional well-being by alleviating symptoms of her illness and addressing many underlying issues. Martha is a professional and thorough homeopath who closely monitors and treats the changing needs of my dog’s health and well-being. This chance encounter while walking in the woods 5 months ago, has given my dog comfort and a renewed energy plus the blessing of quality time to cherish my beloved companion. Martha’s warmth and compassion coupled with her impeccable professionalism and ability is truly extraordinary. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Janine

Apr 132014

I just want to say thank you for helping  Tweety recover from her knee surgery.  I was heartbroken when, at only a year old her knee began slipping out of place multiple times a day while playing.  Her veterinarian and the orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery.  I was even more heartbroken when, last October, 9 months after the surgery, he said, well, that is probably the best it is ever going to be.  She was still tentative, vulnerable and unable to play much with her sister.  She had limited range of motion and could not climb the stairs to our bed.  She was on a daily NSAID and you could see she was visibly in pain at the end of the day.  We had to have regular blood work done to monitor the NSAID effects.

Then, in January, she didn’t want her breakfast or dinner and the next morning I noticed a small amount of blood in her stool.  That evening again there was blood in the stool.  I stopped the NSAID immediately and called Martha.

Martha did a complete homeopathic workup on Tweety, started her on a remedy and she responded immediately, eating again and no further blood in her stool.  We have continued her homeopathic remedies as prescribed and Tweety is back to being our busy, energetic little girl.  She has not required any further pain medication; she is climbing the stairs, playing with her sister and being the feisty little girl she once was prior to knee surgery.  I am thrilled.  JC

Aug 172013

 In July 2013, I was sick with a bad head cold and fever the night before a big Division 1 football tryout. Normally, this type of cold would last at least a week but after working with Martha on the perfect combination of homeopathy, I woke up the next day all ready to compete and had a great day and an offer!


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Jul 012013

I sought out homeopathy to deal with my preschooler’s frequent temper tantrums.  Within days of starting a remedy, we saw a remarkable decline in both severity and frequency of tantrums.  Our daughter became more resilient to handle situations that would normally produce a tantrum.


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Mar 252013

Martha is GREAT ! ! I am a different person since Martha started to treat me with remedies.  My energy has returned after many years.  My anxiety has disappeared also.  Her expertise and calm manner is wonderful.  I will be forever grateful to Martha for changing my life.  Many thanks ! !

– LH

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Mar 252013

Thank you for your work with my daughter in helping her overcome her fear of flying.  She was able to handle an 18 -hour flight without any major anxiety.  Instead she slept, read and watched movies–something she wouldn’t have been able to do with ease prior to working with you.  You have the healing gift.

– MB

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Jan 312013

I have always had a strong Western medicine bias, but have a great deal of respect for my homeopath, Martha DeMarco and am a true believer in this form of healing, now. I am a 52 year- old woman, in good health, but have endured a great deal of stress lately.  I was diagnosed with what was described as a severe shingles outbreak by my primary care physician.  It was very painful and wrapped around my hip and back.  I was prescribed anti viral medication but was hesitant to take it and discouraged by the length of time given before relief.  I consulted Martha and was prescribed a homeopathic remedy that immediately relieved the nerve pain from the major outbreak, and within two days the liquid filled lesions dried up and fell off.  I was shocked, to say the least.  I would certainly recommend trying this as an alternative to antiviral medication treatment.  It does work!

– IA

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