Apr 132014

Martha and I “coincidentally” met while walking our dogs in the woods. I believe this encounter was a divine intervention. I was sad and shared with her that my dog had bladder cancer and that her days were numbered. Martha told me about homeopathy and how it helped her own pet. She did a thorough evaluation and found the remedy that quickly improved my dog’s physical and emotional well-being by alleviating symptoms of her illness and addressing many underlying issues. Martha is a professional and thorough homeopath who closely monitors and treats the changing needs of my dog’s health and well-being. This chance encounter while walking in the woods 5 months ago, has given my dog comfort and a renewed energy plus the blessing of quality time to cherish my beloved companion. Martha’s warmth and compassion coupled with her impeccable professionalism and ability is truly extraordinary. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Janine

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