DSC_1251 Tree and rock wallThere is hardly a limit to what can be addressed with homeopathic medicine, given the understanding that optimal functioning of the body’s own energy system allows the person to be as healthy as they can be.  Martha works with babies, the elderly, and every age in between.  Clients often find relief from chronic medical issues as well as short-term illnesses and injuries.

Before the initial consultation, the client will be asked to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire.  This includes the current complaint, personal and family medical history, and information about what makes the client unique.

The first appointment, 90 – 120 minutes, offers an opportunity for the client to tell the story of his/her health, from a holistic point of view.  Areas explored include mental and emotional function as well as physical health.  Considerable care and time are taken to ensure that the chosen remedy individually matches the client.

Follow-up visits, typically 4 – 6 weeks later, are an important part of the process. Follow up visits allow the homeopath and client the opportunity to review the effect of the remedy and make any necessary adjustments.  Depending on the issue being addressed and the current level of health, follow up visits may be more frequent, initially, to monitor the effectiveness of the remedy and the client’s response to it.

Before the first appointment, please download, complete and return a New Client Information Form and a Consultation Agreement .