Apr 132014

I just want to say thank you for helping  Tweety recover from her knee surgery.  I was heartbroken when, at only a year old her knee began slipping out of place multiple times a day while playing.  Her veterinarian and the orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery.  I was even more heartbroken when, last October, 9 months after the surgery, he said, well, that is probably the best it is ever going to be.  She was still tentative, vulnerable and unable to play much with her sister.  She had limited range of motion and could not climb the stairs to our bed.  She was on a daily NSAID and you could see she was visibly in pain at the end of the day.  We had to have regular blood work done to monitor the NSAID effects.

Then, in January, she didn’t want her breakfast or dinner and the next morning I noticed a small amount of blood in her stool.  That evening again there was blood in the stool.  I stopped the NSAID immediately and called Martha.

Martha did a complete homeopathic workup on Tweety, started her on a remedy and she responded immediately, eating again and no further blood in her stool.  We have continued her homeopathic remedies as prescribed and Tweety is back to being our busy, energetic little girl.  She has not required any further pain medication; she is climbing the stairs, playing with her sister and being the feisty little girl she once was prior to knee surgery.  I am thrilled.  JC

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