Apr 292014
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I was recently diagnosed with the Guillain-Barre virus.  It is an autoimmune disease that attacks the nerves.  It affected all my facial muscles and I could not move my mouth or close my eyes.  I had no facial movement at all.   I was treated with immune gamma globulin in the hospital.  It took five days and they sent me home to wait for progress, which they said would come slowly in its own time. I didn’t realize how slow.   I was stuck inside not being able to drive and my eyes were extremely sensitive to light.  I fell into a depression and went to a psychiatric nurse practitioner to get some medication.  I got very sick and nauseous from the medication.  I decided that feeling depressed was better than feeling sick and depressed.  It was at that time I was referred to Martha DeMarco by a good friend who knew what I was going through.  I spent about an hour and a half with Martha discussing everything about myself.  She explained to me that homeopathy treats the person not the illness; it brings the body back into balance so it can heal.   She came up with a remedy for me that has helped me greatly.  I went from seeing progress every 8-10 days to seeing progress 3 days after I started the remedy and 2 more times during that week.  The progress of this illness is long and tedious so seeing that was huge to me.  Since I have started, I believe my progress has gone along quicker than if I wasn’t taking the remedy.   I would recommend Martha and I firmly believe in the practice of homeopathy.



 Guillain-Barre  April 29, 2014  Testimonials

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