Our first goal is to relieve your symptoms, without the risk of side effects or contraindications found in conventional medicine. From there, we work on supporting your body to maintain health, addressing any inherent areas of weakness. Ultimately, our work together focuses on building better health for your future, so that symptoms do not recur. Ultimately, homeopathy has the potential to allow you to live your life to it’s fullest potential: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Our work together can take place in my office, over the phone, or on a web-based video conferencing platform, such as Skype. I will ask you to complete a short questionnaire before we meet, to help me prepare for our consultation. It is important for me to understand what your areas of concern are, and know a bit about your personal and family medical history. I offer two options for our first consult together.

A therapeutic focus consultation will allow us to focus on one major area of concern, involving one body system. This can be accomplished in an hour. Examples of conditions that lend itself well to this include acute cystitis, a recent injury, migraines, recovering from surgery, or fibroids.

A complete initial consultation offers a more comprehensive approach. It involves a full assessment of your symptoms and indicators of health, and an evaluation of your personal and family medical history. This is a more appropriate consult for issues that are long-standing. This is the best approach for issues like anxiety, depression, autoimmune disorders, fertility, addiction, sleep issues, and conditions that recur, such as allergies. I allow two hours for a complete initial consultation.

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